Thursday, November 19, 2009

Start over again?

Can we start November over again puhlease? This has been one craptastic month. I was sick every single day with one thing or another. Not a cool thing to have happen during your birthday month. Although I glossed over it and thus didn't have to think about being one year closer to the big 4 dash 0. This month, I was told that I had a sinus infection, acid reflux, bad allergies, and the ever so popular swine flu. I weaned off of a medication that made my brain feel like it was bobbing and weaving and caused my friends and family worry more than a little bit. But I'm slowly but surely coming out of the fog and happy to be doing so. I always think that when people say, "At least you have your health" that it is the most accurate statement ever. Without your health, life is a tough nut. And then I get shot out the other side just in time for the holiday craziness to begin.

Wow. How many metaphors did I mix around up there?

Thanks for everyone's encouragement and love.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's FAIL

I emailed some friends this today:

"I just got the biggest case of The Olds ever when I read this quote: “Aaron Carter: I Grew Up on DWTS”

How do you grow up on Dancing with the Stars? Hasn’t it only been on for like 4 years? *Shakes fist and sits back down on rocking chair*"

My friend emails me back and says, "FAIL. He has grown from this experience!."

Another funny FAIL...

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'd really love just one...

... week of feeling illness-free and I'd be overjoyed! I have been hit with some sucker punches lately interms of my health. It seems like ever since I broke my foot, it has been nonstop challenges. Bad back, Vitamin deficiencies, allergies, sinus infection, quit this med, take this med ... NOT fun. I am just as tired of thinking about it as you are of hearing about it. Trust me. :P But this is my blog and I'll cry if I want to. I would love a good month without waking up and going, "Oh crap. What is wrong NOW?"

I feel and like this a lot: (Turn the volume some down for this one and check out the otter that stands and falls sideways. Heehee.)

And... whining over. Thanks for indulging. Sorry if I've been a bum of a friend during the past few months. It's not you, it's me.

I am totally abusing these lately: ...

Not much has been new and exciting anyway. Mike and I are happy that the Tax Credit for first time homebuyers was extended (Thanks, Barry!) and hope to start looking in the Spring for a new house.

I turned 39. I think that it is definitely time to start reversing the years now.