Wednesday, April 24, 2013

8 Months

Fashion: She continues to be too long for pants that are for her age group. Carters pants are always too short on her, so we're going to have to go up to 12 month pants soon and just cuff, cuff, cuff. And as usual, she would still prefer to be naked all the time anyway. 

Health: Hattie got her tubes in this month. The procedure was quick and she seems a lot happier since then. She's louder and reacts to sounds much quicker. She hasn't had colds as much either. That's all I'll say about that in the interest of the dangerous thing called a jinx.

She's around 20 lbs and not sure how tall. Not much taller than she was last month though.

Zzzz: She usually wakes up for one bottle each night. She downs the whole 7 oz. There were a couple of nights where she woke up 5 times. I think teething may be to blame. Hoping that... wait... respecting the jinx again.

She naps 2-3 times at TenderCare. Usually one nap that is approximately 1.5 hours long and two shorter ones.

Nicknames: Hattie girl, Hattie boo (still), Boo boo girl (still)

Fitness: Crawls so fast that she's a blur going by. Wants to stand up all the time... She's *this* close to standing up unassisted. She started dancing (aka bobbing up and down and side to side) this week when she hears music. She waves a bit. 

Eats: Still the same amount of formula per day, although she doesn't seem to want as much. She leaves 1-2 bottles half full. She's eating 2 level 2 baby foods at TenderCare each day and I'm slowly adding one in to the routine at night. She is still working on her pincer grasp and holding a sippy cup. Not much progress on either front, but she's trying hard with the pincer part. 1 out of 15 puffs make it in to her mouth. We are exposing her to finger foods and she has enjoyed tiny pieces potato, chicken, peas, and warm soft bread.  She got a taste of cake and chocolate ice cream this month at her friend Adrian's 2nd birthday party. BIG fan.

The spoken word: Definitely calls Mike "Dadadadada" and I'm for sure "Nanananana".  She says "Lalalala" and we swear we hear her say "bada" to us when we say bottle to her. 

Things Hattie loves: Smooshing her face in to blankets and pillows and snuggling them, big in to her teething links this month (she loves trying to pick several up at one time), slamming toys down on the dining room floor, sitting outside with Mom in the evenings and watching the neighborhood, taking walks in the stroller with Mom and Dad, taking baths with Mom, the 'If You're Happy and You Know It' song, sticking her tongue out, making very wet raspberries.

Things Hattie doesn't love: Being on her back during diaper changes (two person job) or for clothing changes, having jackets put on her, having her face wiped (two person job) - basically having anything done to her that stops her from standing or moving (haha). 

Pictures from the past month: