Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Things

A couple of my friends do '5 Things' segments in their blogs. Just 5 random things that I want to mention or that are interesting me at the time. I think it's a good way to get me back into the blog so that it's not all Hattie all the time, so here goes...

1) My good friend Nuelsi and her husband have started a design business. Check out their shop, Big Boss Design.  Two of the print designs hang in frames in Hattie's room. I love them.

2) Shows I watch: Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, Orphan Black,  Scandal, Suits, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (It went from bad to sooo funny), Chicago PD, White Collar. I feel like I'm forgetting some.

Shows I watch and love, but that everyone hates: Dads (It's hilarious!)

Shows I gave up on either because of lack of time or because they got ridiculous: The Bachelor, American Idol, all of the Real Housewives shows, Rookie Blue

Shows I SHOULD give up on: HIMYM. Seeing it through to the end though, despite a ridiculously bad current/last season.

3) I need ideas for inexpensive, 5 ingredients or less, healthy dinner meals. Anyone? Bonus points if they don't include any crumbly white cheeses. Or peppers. I'm trying to get our dollar to stretch more and also feed a very picky toddler and somewhat picky husband. I already do lasagna and enchiladas.

4) I need ideas for easy workouts for someone with hardly any time, little energy, and very sore knees and a sore back. Bonus points if it's not Sit and Be Fit.

5) I'm trying to read more at night. I was going to start up my evening reading again with the second to the last Harry Potter book, but thought I'd start smaller and read the 19th Stephanie Plum book. I'm on page 20. It's been a month. Sigh. It's so much easier to watch TV when I'm tired.
Hattie has been changing in leaps and bounds lately. I really have to keep up with blogging the latest. It's such a fun age and I feel like it's FLYING by.

She loves to look for deer in the hillside by her child care center. She calls to them in the cutest little voice. :) 

(Don't worry. I was driving extremely slow in the parking lot.)

She has also taken to throwing things away in the garbage can, or "circle" as she calls it. This could come in handy!

Hattie has also been going through a stage wherein she only wants Mama. Dada tries to hold her and play with her, but she ONLY wants Mama. It's a tricky time because I'm not able to get as much done around the house or cook dinner without holding her, but it's also a wonderful time of many warm snuggles. Hattie did find two things that she loves for Dada to do in the past couple of days though. Read her one specific Elmo book and to take rides on Dada's "solders."  It's great to see her spending time with him again. :)

She's very into oranges right now. Calls them "ornages."  I never correct her. I know I should, but how cute is that mispronunciation? I'll correct her soon enough.