Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 months

Fashion: Hattie is in between sizes pretty much. 3 month clothes are too short and 6 months clothes are too long. It's hard to find things that fit just right. But mostly we're quickly transitioning to 6 month things and just folding sleeves and cuffs when needed.

Health: She weighs 14 lbs, 13 oz. She was gaining 2 lbs per month but has slowed down. Her little pudgy wrists and ankles are thinning out a tiny bit. I don't want it to happen! She finally moved on from ear infection town. It took three rounds of antibiotics (final one being shots of Rocephin), but she's good now. She seems so much happier now. As am I. Her congestion was the worst! I couldn't be happier to have that be done and gone. Girlfriend can BREATHE! :)

Zzzzz: Well, I was going to say she sleeps through the night like a champ still but she is going through some changes now that I hope don't last long. I think she's having a brain growth period and she's so alert and curious and excited about the world. I am tired but I can't get mad when I'm greeted with such huge smiles when she wakes me up in the middle of the night. BUT... we are going to work on transitioning her to her crib in her room and also from the swaddle. I don't want to do either, but both are inevitable so may as well start the work now. I can sleep when I retire, I guess.

Nicknames this month - Baby Bear, Buzzy Bee, Sweet Face

Fitness: Hattie has awesome neck and head control. She's strong! Tummy time = rolling right over from her tummy to her back. So we do other things to strengthen her head/neck like have her spend time in the Hop 'N Pop we just got ( http://www.smartplayzone.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=1344 ) and basically just hold her while she sits up. Speaking of... that's ALL she wants to do. No more laying down for this girl. She can't do it on her own, but she's getting there.

Eats: She's up to probably 30 ounces of formula per day. She has been acting funny with bottles and sort of grazing on them so it takes longer to feed her. Hoping that stops soon as feeding her takes a super long time right now.  - This is from last update and hasn't really changed. She's gaining weight though and has wet diapers so we just go with it.

The Spoken Word: She is a loud one now.  'Talks' all the time. She also now makes a sound that sounds like "Aah aah!" over and over like a monkey. It's so stinkin' cute. She also lets us know when she's not happy by telling us in that little voice and adding a little scowl. There's no mistaking when she isn't into something. Girl has opinions.

Things Hattie Loves:  Chewing on her wrist or my knuckle, grabbing her feet, her teething links, holding hands, the piggy rattle that hangs in her car seat, seeing babies on TV (she smiles at them), touching EVERYTHING,  'eating' cloth books, watching football on TV.

Things Hattie Hates: Being woken up (I guess what baby does, but sometimes it has to happen!), waiting for a bottle. Hmm... not much else. She is such an easygoing one right now. :) We are hoping that continues. She's so happy!