Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few of my favorite things (and must-haves)...

Anyone that knows me well knows that I loooooooove beauty products. If you can't find me in the usual spots (in front of the TV, in the kitchen, recently in the garden), I can be found in the aisles of Rite Aid with a full  basket in one hand and my Rite Aid super saver card ready to be scanned in the other. You can always count on a calming body lotion or a sparklyshiny lip gloss to make you feel better if you're a little glum.

It has taken me years to find the best beauty products for me. I had many years where my hair and its antics ruled my world (Any friends care to testify? :P) . I had days when I couldn't get my face to look right because I picked the wrong colored powder or cover up ... which always resulted in someone asking me if I had some sort of food stuck on my face or if I was feeling ok. I feel pretty good about where I am in terms of my face/hair/skin. And I have these products to thank:

I always have to have my loose powder nearby. I've tried pressed, mineral, powder foundation. None work for me as well as loose powder. None better than Almay. I can always count on it to make me look smooth and purty. Which can backfire if my Aunt Carol Hillelson is around. She likes to pinch my cheek (still) and ask how I got such "beauuuuutiful skin. Like buttah." True story.

Speaking of Almay. I like to cover up God's little reminders that I'm a hormonal woman with their Light cover stick.

I have tried liquid cover up, but that just doesn't do the trick. I like to smother those suckers with solid cover up until they can't breathe and retreat.

Before I use the cover up, I kill those 'spots' with Clean & Clear Spot Treatment. It contains Salicylic Acid, which is safe for those of us that are allergic to Benzoic Acid (which was just great to find out in my 30s after slathering Benzoyl Peroxide on my face for two decades.)

The other must-have for my face is some sort of shiny and/or sparkly lip gloss. I don't have one favorite. I probably have about five. Currently, I'm loving Wet 'n Wild's Bronze Berry, which is a total shocker since I bought it convinced that it'd be a waste of $2. My go-to fave, though, is Clinique's Superbalm. But I only get that when I go to the mall once a year. It's my 'fancy' choice.

For the peepers, I like to use shadow as liner. I think growing up in the 80s/90s has ruined me for pencil liner forever. Too many bad memories of poking myself in the eye with the liner while I was getting ready to go rollerskating while sporting a to-the-knees shoulder-padded button down and a white lightning bolt belt. *shudder*  Anyway... I have hazel eyes so I find that using a dark berry shade works great. I use L'Oreal Subtle Berries. Well, I use the color in the bottom right corner. The others I am saving for some night on the town when I want to look older than 23. (Hey! Stop laughing!)

Hair. Oh hair. How you have challenged me. My hair is thick and wavy and can be confusing to figure out. But I turned some corner about 4-5 years ago... My hair got tired of fighting me and decided to turn awesome. I feel like it is my gift for having to put up with it being such a moody beyotch for so many years. In order to keep it smooth, I need need need a gloss serum. My fave is by Paul Mitchell. It makes my hair feel super soft and look shiny. Love. Need.

To set the the 'do in to place, I stick with one and only one kind of hairspray. Now don't judge me, but I use an aerosol. I know, I know. I'm sorry Mother Earth. But seriously, this is the only hairspray that works. And for that I can not apologize. Trust me, if Molly and her hair ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

I just discovered the best smelling lotion in the universe while I was in Canada last November. It is from a company called Fruits & Passion and is called Human. The smell is hard to describe, but I will try. It is clean and a tiny bit floral. Huh... that was a sad attempt and totally fails to capture it's awesomeness. But trust me, I have smelled my share of lotions and this one is at the tippy top of the best lotions I've ever encountered.

Ooh, excuse moi. I notice now that I had to search for a picture of it that it is a body souffle. Not a lotion. How fancy am I, I ask you?

If I want to feel a bit spicy (mrow!) as opposed to clean and airy, I go to Rush by Gucci. I am not a perfume kind of girl, but this is crazy good. It smells totally different on skin than it does sprayed in to the air from the bottle. Amazing.
 That covers my must-haves. The things that make my days work and my moods lift. How about you? What are your beauty go-tos?

Oh and thanks to C for giving me this idea. She blogged about her most loved beauty products and inspired me to do the same. Check it out!