Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nothing New

I haven't had much to say over the past month. Not too much going on right now. Plus I couldn't type easily because of wrist tendinitis surgery. I feel like I share a ton on Facebook anyway, so I don't feel like I have much to say when I think about blogging. Many funny and interesting thoughts in my head. None when my fingers rest on the keys though.

No home improvement going on right now. The summer weekends have been pretty busy with Mike helping his Dad clean things out of the family farmhouse in a big downsizing effort. I love my father-in-law to no end, so I'm fine living in the house as-is. Family is #1 always. We'll get there. Mike reminds me of that when I forget my patience and start to whimper about wanting to be in the master bedroom or the unfinished kitchen window paint. Oh - plus we bought a car! Yaaay! Forgot about our new navy love. BTW - Mike LOVES driving now. He never drove in the Ford Focus. No mystery to solve there as to why. I'm enjoying being a passenger now though. I can finally stop paying attention and switch the radio stations over and over in an effort to find something other than Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep.' (Hi T!)

We did get five free gallons of paint from Pittsburgh Paints. I filled out a survey that they sent me and they SO generously sent me a coupon good for five free gallons of paint as well as a $5 check. WIN! I don't even need to mention my love for free things, do I? I had to breathe in a paper bag when I got those puppies in the mail. I got one gallon for my sister since she is renovating her house right now. The remaining colors and assignments include:

Guest room/possible future nursery: Two gallons of Toasted Almond (Boring perhaps, but neutral and soothing)

Guest bathroom off of family room: Baked Bean (We love us some rust colored paints, don't we?)

Man cave room in basement: Cathedral Glass (Such a cool color. Mike - though colorblind - has great color taste IMO)

You like?

I also changed my mind about our master bedroom bedding. I thought I was in love with the bedding that we got months ago, but turns out I kinda wasn't. It felt a bit too regal - what with the velvet detailing on the pillowcases and edging on the comforter. Here is the new love of my life in the bedding department:

Pottery Barn's Bella in Red

It matches the Cider painted walls perfectly. Thank jeebus, because I know at least 10 people that would skin my hide if I changed the wall color.

That's about it in terms of progress at the Petruska homestead. Hopefully before Fall, or 2012, or my 45th birthday, we'll be nestled in our bed in the Cider bedroom. We'll get there, right?