Wednesday, June 5, 2013

9 months

Fashion: She's in 12 month clothes now for sure. No more squeezing her in to 9 month things. It feels like I buy her new clothes that should fit and then three seconds later, there is no way I'm getting her in to them. 

Health: Hattie had a sinus infection this month. Runny runny nose and junky cough. She's responding well to the antibiotic and sucks it down like a baby bird. thank God. Her ears have remained clear though. WOOHOO!

Zzzz: She usually wakes up for one bottle every 2-3 nights. I love the snuggles so I'm ok with it for now. 

She used to nap 2 times at Tender Care, but lately it has been one 2 hour nap in the late morning. Makes the evening tricky because she's usually really tired when we get home and I have to keep her up until after I feed her something and give her a bath.

Nicknames: Hattie Boo - this one seems to be sticking around much longer than I thought

Fitness: Taking steps. Not really walking but getting there. It's all she wants to do. She looks like a drunk person most of the time when she's trying. She's determined and I have no doubt she'll be full on walking within 2 weeks. 

Eats: Still the same amount of formula per day, although she doesn't seem to want as much. She leaves 1-2 bottles half full. She's eating 2 level 2 baby foods at Tender Care each day and sometimes one at night. She  has no problem with her pincer grasp, but still no luck in having her hold a sippy cup or her bottles. She LOVES pouches of food. It's all she wants. 

The spoken word: Calls me "Ma" or "Mama", Mike is still "Dadada", and now she says "Baby"! I also swear I heard her repeat Violet to me after I said it.

Things Hattie loves: Doing downward facing dog, balloons, Noodle & Doodle show on PBS, flowers, hardwood floors, 

Things Hattie doesn't love: Being on her back during diaper changes (two person job) or for clothing changes, having jackets put on her, having her face wiped (two person job) - basically having anything done to her that stops her from standing or moving (haha). - Still all true. Add in the car seat. HATES it. Challenge of the century to get her in it. Usually takes 4-5 tries. Also add in being away from her Mom for more than 3 seconds if I'm in the same place she is. Cries and pulls on my leg until I pick her up. 

Pictures from the past month:

Curious but being cautious when she saw Aunt Kimmy's dogs

Let me in, Mama!!!!! 

Pretty little sleeper 

Curious cat with her Daddy

First time having yogurt