Monday, April 26, 2010

Progress is sloooow

We're finally out of the apartment! Sheesh, that was hard work. We didn't realize how much crap we bought and stuffed under beds and in closets and in the basement storage room. Our Feng Shui was so bad. No wonder I felt like my Qi was all wackadooish.

We haven't had much time at all to set up the house yet. We have had time to populate the 'dude room' in the basement with a ton of stuff. No dude will be hanging in that room for a while unless he feels comfortable perched on top of three plastic bins and a pile of winter coats. Although I'm sure if you gave a guy a beer and a room, he would perch anywhere.

But I don't care 'cause I can do laundry at my house. Without quarters. For free. Without dodging spiders in the basement of the apartment. I can't even... I'm so excited. We are using a loaner dryer for now until our dryer comes off of backorder and is delivered. But it works for me. I love them and want to marry them.

That is all of the news I have in terms of house stuff. We are hoping to fix up a lot this weekend. But first Mike has to mow the lawn. I saw our new, nebby neighbor Connie giving our yard the side-eye yesterday. Simmer down, Connie... We'll get to it.

Unrelated P.S. - If you haven't seen this website in my blogroll yet, please check it out. It makes me heart burst every time I look at it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

We're in!

Closing was a success! We had a minor hiccup when we discovered during the walk-through that some repairs weren't done, but their serviceman is coming to the house this week to do what he didn't finish free of charge. Remind me later to tell the story of how when we called the number on the repair invoice from the seller, the phone was answered by some guy on the street who found the phone. Yeah... After that slight issue was figured out, we signed our life away and got our keys - one green key with flowers on it and one Steelers key. Guess who got which. :P

Pan to us jumping up and down outside the house like kids on Christmas morning looking at their Barbie townhouses (ok, maybe just I was jumping..not Mike). The house is so much better than I remembered and I wasn't sure that was possible. It feels like home already. There are more projects than we thought as the sellers sure did hide things like broken switch plates and bad paint jobs with pictures and candles well, but we're up for the challenge. I already made friends with Nancy at Lowe's.

I posted pictures on Facebook. If you didn't see them there, lemme know and I'll post some here. I'm too tired to do much more right now. MAN... homeownership is already exhausting. I discovered my new diet and exercise plan: House poor-ness and forgetting things downstairs.

It is all so great and thanks for being excited with us. We'll be sure to have a housewarming party eventually. The fire pit is calling for friends and s'mores and cocktails. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had to share this story...

I started a small riot on my bus today. A bee landed on my arm and I freaked. I stood up and said "Bee!" really loudly. I'm sorry... I've never been stung by a bee and the first time won't be on a confined, moving vehicle. So, the bee then flew away and started flying frantically in to all of the other passengers. They all got up and were swinging their purses and lunch bags at it. This lady behind me was screaming (literally), "Don't kill it! I'll take it and put it in my bag!" A Catholic school girl slammed her 30 lb book bag at it and made it go splat in to the window. The lady behind me said, "Great! Kill it! Very nice. Jeez!" I swear I heard her crying behind me after that. I'm a gentle soul (don't laugh), but it. was. a bee. Never a dull moment on the East busway.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Closing week!

I can't think of much else. Is there anything else going on this week? :P ( Hey Nuelsi - You're moving this weekend!! Are we the happiest chicks in town or what?!) I've got a one-track mind lately! Friday is the closing day and Mike and I are beside ourselves with excitement. We also have taken to reminiscing about special times in our apartment. That is the first place in which we lived together, the place we lived when we got engaged and when we got married. We painted the walls our chosen colors and grilled some delicious dinners out on the deck. We wish that we had more people over for get-togethers, but life gets in the way, I guess. We will miss our porch, our close proximity to Frick Park, and all things East side. I am an East side kid. I grew up roller skating in the streets of Squirrel Hill and thought that I'd end up in the East at the end of it all. Well, I thought that I'd end up in Boca Raton playing gin rummy on a lanani with my sister in the end, but before that... I will miss the East, but am excited to experience life in the South Hills. I have wonderful friends that live over there and can't wait to spend more time with them. I am excited to be near South Park when I hear they have a pony rink and an outdoor theater! Whaaat? That is fun stuff!

I'll take pictures on Closing Day and post them here. I can't wait to show everyone the wonderfulness that is Casa Petruska! I can't believe the house is going to be ours. It has been a LONG time coming. I think that is why I feel so dang excited. I've lived in apartments for the past 20 + years. I can NOT believe that I will have my own yard, my own driveway, my own washer & dryer. Seriously, I'm going to have to get out of the habit of asking to have all of my change be given in the form of quarters. And I realize that I'll also have my own pipes to pay to get unclogged, my own furnace to have fixed... but I will welcome those frustrations with bear hugs and smooches because in the end it means that my husband (weehaw!) and I will have our own home (yahoo!!!). What a crazy, wonderful year and a half it has been!