Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Hattie-isms

Ladybug = Bee Bug. There's a ladybug on one of her many hats and when she's wearing it, she pats it and squeals, "Bee bug!!!"  Also, there was a ladybug on the steering wheel of her Cozy Coupe one day. It flew away after a few minutes. Now, every time she's around the Coupe, she asks, "Bee bug? Where go?"

Twinkle Twinkle = Tinkle Tinkle. She requests that one a lot. When she's tired and crying, she says, "Tinkle tinkle!" and wants me to sing it to her and rub her back.

When singing Old MacDonald... "E I O!"  E I O" with the emphasis on the I.

When singing Wheels on the Bus, she makes the motions for wheels, then baby going wah wah wah, then doors opening and shutting, and then yells, "YAAAAY!" and claps. It's a very fast version of the song. Haha.

Anytime she draws on her easel, she says, "Wipe."  I give her a wipe. She draws and then wipes her drawing away, draws, wipes, etc...

She loves using her mini dustpan and hand broom to "cleaning."  Anytime Mike vacuums (because I don't. ;p), she wants to clean alongside him.

Puts her purse over her wrist or her bracelets on and waves and says, "Bye bye!"

Wants all of us (she, Mike, and I) to put "Baba" (blankets) on and lay down on a big, soft blanket in the family room. Then she says "Tinkle tinkle" and rubs each of our backs to help us sleep.

We had a great time at the zoo. Hattie loves elephants/"ee-phant."