Thursday, October 25, 2012

She's here! (Well, she has been here for 12 weeks. Oops!)

Hey there. I had a baby! :)  Yaaay!

Sorry for the lapse in blogging. Let me tell you, I had NO idea how tough it would be to do anything else when I had the baby. When my friends who all had babies disappeared during their maternity leaves, I was all, "Hmph. They could totally still be in touch with me. What the heck?"  Well, now I know what the heck. During my time off, it was a miracle if I was able to eat three meals a day and DEFINITELY something to call the Pope about if I got a shower daily. Anyway, I'm back at work now and can git to blogging again.

And here she is!  
Hattie Elizabeth Petruska

But I guess we should start with my birth story since that's sort of where we left off...

At week 39.5, I went in for my scheduled c-section. We were scheduled to have it at 1 PM so we headed to the hospital a couple of hours before that. I was SO ready. The girl was starting to wrap her feet around my right rib cage and scratch my back with her toes. I was also feeling lots of Braxton-Hicks that day so I was doubly ready. We checked in at around 11:45 AM. The desk clerk told us there were a few emergency c-sections ahead of us and we'd have a delay. Oh boy. We settled in to the chairs in the waiting room and waited for our name to be called so we could get to having our kid. Tick tock, tick tock..... three hours later (!!!!!), we finally are called to go back. Which is a good thing because my B-H were getting stronger. Finally we get put in a triage room and I'm hooked up to a fetal monitor and a contraction monitor. Yeaaaah.... my contractions were 2 minutes apart! Eeps!

Well apparently it was a full moon (Literally. The moon was full.) and it was one of their busiest nights in a long time, so we kept on getting bumped by emergency c-sections and regular ol' natural births. I didn't go back to the OR until 7 PM! Needless to say, we were ready. Let me tell you... having a c-section is a strange experience. First of all, there are like 15 people in the room. I couldn't keep them all straight. I think my Uncle Leon was there. I can't be sure. I had three anesthesiologists. For that, I was very thankful. They were SO helpful. They did a great job giving me a spinal and helping me feel calm. The one basically just sat near me and put his hand on my shoulder. Which was very comforting because Mike couldn't be in the room until after the spinal was administered. Finally, I was numbed up and Mike was in the room next to me. Then my OB showed up. The show was starting! They told me what was going on for the most part. There was some, "You're gonna feel some pressure." and "Things are going great!" Then about maybe 20 minutes into it, while we were talking to the anesthesiologists about the show Amazing Race, I believe, the OB shouts, "Here's your little girl!" and all of the sudden a crying baby is raised above the curtain between us and the Doctor. And then taken away. Wha?! No drum roll? No "We're yanking your baby out from behind your ribs now!" If we blinked, we may have missed seeing her. ;p   It was very surreal. I felt like I was dreaming. We heard her crying over in the corner and then she was brought over and placed in Mike's hands. I was able to kiss her little head but not much else since I was tied down to the gurney. And she wasn't HUGE like the OBs kept saying. She was definitely healthy at 8 lbs, but not the 9.5 lbs they predicted. Pfft. So... they closed me up. There were some hairy moments during that process in which I thought I was seriously going to die. I thought, "I got to this moment and NOW I go?!" There was intense pressure and I couldn't breathe. I kept asking, "Um, what's happening?" and the OB finally told me that they were having a bit of a tough time getting everything tucked back in. WHA?!?! OMG. Finally everything was in it's rightful place and I was wheeled to ICU because all of the full moon emergency people took up the L&D rooms. Hmph. I finally got to look at our daughter. She looked sorta swollen and bruised, but beautiful. Amazing. Again, a very surreal feeling. But holding her made me feel like a Mom. It just was a feeling that all of the sudden filled me up. Nothing else in the world would ever matter as much.

The rest of the story is pretty typical. We stayed at the hospital for a few days. Hattie had many visitors and was showered with love. I ate jello, pudding, many Italian ices. We had a photo shoot and the pictures were so amazing.

That's it for now.