Wednesday, March 20, 2013

7 months

Fashion: Still remains tricky in regards to sizing. She is definitely wearing 9 month pants, but 9 month onesies are a bit too big for her. She would still prefer to be naked all the time anyway. ;p

Health: At this point, Hattie has had probably 6-7 ear infections. She's set to get tubes on April 6th. I'm sad that she has to go through that and the procedure will be tough for us, but I'm happy about it because it'll stop the infections (hopefully) and the $35 copays for the pediatrician every single danggum week. And the shots. Those antibiotic shots are the worst. I can't handle holding my baby when she gets shots much more. We need a break.

She's 18.6 lbs and 27.5 inches tall. Perfectly healthy in all other aspects aside from her little ears.

Zzzz: Her norm is to either sleep through the night or get up once for a bottle. Except for the week when she had a bad ear infection and wouldn't sleep much at ALL. She would wake up scream crying every time I put her in the crib. After the antibiotics, she started sleeping well again. :)

Naps are going well at TenderCare. They told me that they put her in the crib now when she's drowsy and she falls asleep! She usually needs to be rocked to sleep or she cries before going to sleep. Yay Hattie! I need to work on this at home. I love holding her as she falls asleep though. Warm baby snuggles are the best ever!! But for her own sake and so I can get more things done on the weekends, I need to put her in the crib MUCH sooner than I am now.

Nicknames: Hattie Boo, Booski, Goofball, Hattie Love  (I can't seem to stop with the Boo thing)

Fitness: The girl will not stop moving. She crawls like a champ now, sits up no problem, and wants to stand up all the time. Against everything. Walls, tables, couches, me...  She still can't stand for very long unassisted, but it won't be long. No walking yet, thank God. We need a little bit of time to finish up babyproofing the house before that happens. She is so strong and so determined in terms of motor skills. :)    She claps now. A lot. She loves clapping.

Eats: We're still working on ramping this up. She eats a jar of baby food at TenderCare each day and I'm trying to get her to eat some more food when we get home in the evening. Sometimes she's just not hungry, but I'm trying. She isn't interested in puffs, so I'm going to try some other finger foods to get her going in that direction. As far as bottles, she's still taking the same amount per day - approximately 30-36 oz.

The spoken word: Babbles galore, but nothing really definitive in terms of specific words. She does say "Dadadada" and "Ma" a lot, but they're just babbles at this point. She also screams when she's amused and then giggles. It's hilarious.

Things Hattie loves: The twilight turtle in her room, Violet dog, Mommy (separation anxiety is in full swing), Mummum crackers, slamming her hands down on things, still loves that On the Move DVD, chewing on pacifiers, Daddy's alarm clock

Things Hattie doesn't love: Shots, being on her back during diaper changes (two person job), having her face wiped (two person job)

Pictures from the past month:

The hummingbird wouldn't sit still...