Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Small success

Nothing exciting to post, but thought that I would report that, despite two cookouts and one Chinese restaurant dinner, I am down 2 pounds. I'm supposed to lose 1 pound per week by participating in the Weight Management study. It's now the third week starting today. Things are moving right along. :)   I'm not busting out the bikini yet, but I'm at least wondering where I put it in the house. That's somethin'.

Monday, June 21, 2010

12 weeks

Wish me luck!

I'm starting participation in a weight management study through UPMC today. It's 12 weeks long. The study basically involves cal & fat gram counting plus brisk walking each day. I'll keep a journal and talk to a health coach once each week. Posting about it here will also make me accountable. Although I'm already seriously motivated by the pictures of my arms from this weekend. Yipes! Holy bingo wings!

Today has been pretty good, but man does peanut butter have a boatload of fat grams. Sigh.

Anyone have any motivating tips?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Someone get this guy a latte, STAT!

As most people can attest, public transportation is a constant source of amusement and annoyance. This guy brought a little of both to the game yesterday. He started off just sort of dozing and nodding a little bit. Not a big deal. I've sat next to and elbowed dozers back to the land of the living many times . But this guy... he started to do the slump forward and jerk backwards over and over again and I started to wonder if he was gonna nose-dive forward. Yup... Within two minutes, he was falling completely forward and smacking the back of the woman's head who was sitting in front of him with his lanky forehead. Duuuuude. Not cool. Pop some NoDoz, sit up, and stare zombie-like outside on your way home from work like the rest of us.

 (I love that in this shot you can see the woman in front of him turning her head like, "What is this fool doing?!")

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Part of Random Acts

Lynnette loved her cookbook so much, but I'm betting Candice is still sitting there looking at her gift and scratching her head.

I was so excited to get each winner something personal and timely. Candice just moved in to a beautiful new house, so I though, "Hey. I bet she's doing a lot of gardening over there in that big ol' yard. I'll get her something to help that along."  Searched Amazon... found the perfect little gift. And I do apparently mean little. Here is a picture of my 'random' gift for Candice:

Looks like such a nice, cute gardening bag with useful tools, right? "Aww", I thought, "C will look so dang cute out there digging up weeds."   Advance time to me opening the box from Amazon and realizing .3 seconds after seeing it that it is obviously a product intended for any 6-7 year old nieces or Goddaughters that C may have. Oopsie. I am definitely hoping that the 'It's the thought that counts." theory applies here. And C, I expect you to plant some itty bitty flowers with your itty bitty tools, K? Mwah.