Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don't want to forget these ones:

If Hattie wants to sit on my lap, she says, "Sit-a-me?  Sit-a-me?"

Anything that looks exciting to her gets this... "!"

Whenever she accidentally walks into me, she says, "Oh... sorry!"

If she can't find something, she'll say (for example), "Bib! Where arrrrrre youuuu?"  And when she finds it, she says, "Oh! There you are!"

She has a deep love for cupcakes.

At night before bed, she has been putting everything she can find into the drawer of the nightstand. 

Some recent pics:

I let her hold my coffee mug. She was pretty excited for some reason. ;p 

She has taken to crawling around in the car and 'driving fast'. She wouldn't get out of Dada's seat. 

Always wants to play in the rain 

Gathering water in her "beautiful!" ladybug nightgown

Post car wash

Flyaway feather hairs

Hattie and her teacher Miss Kristen at the Tender Care summer picnic

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