Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Forget

There are so many things I don't want to forget that Hattie is doing these days. Mike will remind me of something she used to do six months ago and I'll tear up.. I need to remember to keep those things here. My virtual baby book. 

Right now, she's testing the waters of independence and letting her feelings and opinions and wants known in a big way. When I say, for example, "It's not time to go downstairs now. It's time for bed." She shouts, "YES downstairs! YES!"  When I say, "You've been outside for a while. It's cold outside. Let's go inside. She shouts, "NO inside! YES outside!" Pretty direct, that one. 

When she sees me frowning for whatever reason, she'll stop and ask, "You happy, Mama?" with a concerned look on her face.

Her laugh is infectious. It comes from the gut. I'll do most anything to hear it. Except eat sand, like she wanted me to do in this clip. 

She's into wearing Dada's shoes and walking around the house. 

She loves hiding from us now. And hanging out behind the couch. 

This is her drawing on my kindle of a smiley-face guy and an apple on the bottom.  

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